Cutting tool
The Cutting Tool Department provides a total service for cutting tools, including sale, design, manufacture, regrinding, and PVD coating.
We provide a regrinding and recoating service for cutting tools for use by customers without a repolishing plant or who are not happy with the quality of their regrinded products. Our regrinding and recoating services will provide you with the best solution.
Various tools made of high-speed steel or sintered hard alloy
    Various drills, reamers, end mills, special cutters, threading tools, gear cutting tools, broaching tools
  Lead time: One week after receipt of the tool
We design and manufacture special tools to encourage local procurement by domestic customers.
  Items manufactured Special tools
  Tool materials High-speed steel, solid carbide, carbide brazing
  Tool types Various drills, reamers, plain mills, cutting tools, end mills, special cutters
  Procurement process Low-cost tool materials are procured from Taiwan, Korea, United States, Europe, Japan, etc.
  Lead time: One month after receipt of your order
Coating, PVD Coating
TiN coating or TiAlN coating will improve the service life of your tools. Coating can be also applied to tools such as punches or dies, as well as cutting tools.
  Coatable materials Various types of tool steel, high-speed steel, sintered hard alloy
  Types of tool coating Two types: TiN and TiAlN (PVD)
  Types of tool coating 1) Cutting tools
2) Cold-forged tools
  Lead time: One week after receipt of the tool

Tool Sale
  many kind of standard tools

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